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By: Stephanie Weeks

Melanie Donahue

Stephanie: Hello everybody! Thank you so much for joining us. Today I have Melanie Donahue with me. I’m so excited to have her, and I’m not a great hostess, because I forgot to get us water. So hopefully we make through this just fine… I’m like “Oh no! Where’s my water? Oh I didn’t get

Elizabeth Sims

Stephanie: Hello everybody! Thank you for joining me. Today, my bues it Elizabeth Sims. How are you? Good! Stephanie: I’m so glad you’re joining me! Elizabeth: Thanks for having me! Stephanie: I’m having you on because I have people that inspire me, because this is the Dharma Proeject, which, for me, is just, you know,
Stephanie: Thank you so much for joining us. I am manifesting that there are so many of you listening, so hello. Today I have Erin with me of SpaRinity, and I am so glad to have her. She inspires me, because she is has the most calm and relaxing personality and is always in a
Stephanie: Hello and thank you for joining us. I am here today with Jeremy Todd of the positive side podcast. Hey, Jeremy. Jeremy, can you hear me Jeremy: I can hear you loud and clear. Stephanie: Beautiful. How are you today? Jeremy: Well, I’m amazing. You know, I’m stuck in the Midwest, which this time
Not having your phone what-so-ever or in any capacity for 2 days except for checking once or twice for emergency reasons, and then turning it back off completely is phenomenal! While a little bit stressful, overall absolutely phenomenal. It is amazing to just totally disconnect. When is the last time you have done that? Another