Qualify and Close Your Loan Based on Future Employment or Earnings!

The Weeks Team

So you just graduated and you finally have that dream job within your grasp? Or maybe, you’ve been working hard towards that magic salary number you’ve always associated with legitimate success and you just signed the contract for a well-deserved raise.

You’ve conquered the gruelling interview process, signed your first big offer letter and/or you have your contract in hand - Congratulations!

You're on your way to living the life you’ve always dreamed of. You’ve got the dream job...So what about your dream house?

The Weeks Team is proud to offer promising professionals like yourself the opportunity to truly hit the ground running by qualifying and closing a loan based on future employment earnings!

Loan Qualifying Details:

  • New Professional Career
  • New Career Attorneys
  • New Career Doctors
  • Income Commencing after Closing
  • Qualify using Future Employment Income
  • Great for New Job Relocations
  • Income must commence within 90 days of the Note Date (Closing)
  • Base Fixed Income Only
  • Available on Purchase or Rate and Term Refinances
  • Offer of employment or Salary increase must be clearly stated in writing acknowledged by both employer and employee with no contingencies.

We’re so excited to help you aqcuire the home of your dreams - Contact us for more information today!

Wayne Turner
"Very professional, knowledgeable, and does more for clients than any lender I have worked with."
Gregg TepperThe Tepper Group, Realtors
"We love working with (the Weeks Team). In real estate there are a lot of moving parts in order to get a home sold, so it makes everything easier when you are working with a lender that you can trust and when I say trust, I mean we can turn our client over to (The Weeks Team) and be confident our client will be served quickly, efficiently, and will receive regular communication from (The Weeks Team). This frees us to better serve our client since we can focus on inspections and the other steps that a Realtor must follow through on. It also gives us peace of mind that everything will be done to help the buyer and get the sale closed and we do not have to babysit the lender. The Weeks Team is professional and helpful, and we are happy to recommend them."
Lesley Troncoso
"As a realtor of 14 years, The Weeks Team is my "go-to" lender. They get the job done seamlessly every single time! I love them & my clients love them."


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