Achieving an appropriate work-life balance has become increasingly difficult in our modern era. Companies are hiring less people and spreading more work to the employees they already have. There are also unwritten expectations in many companies for employees to answer emails, take calls and schedule meetings in off-work hours, weekends and even vacations. However, having
Many people consider the debt they owe on their home loan one of the most significant burdens in adulthood. That’s why so many decide to pay off their mortgage years (or even decades) sooner than they really need to pay it off. While it may seem like early payoff would be a positive step for
An estimated 72% of U.S. residents own a smartphone, according to the PEW Research Center. While the iPhone attracts the most buzz and attention, Android is certainly close on Apple’s tail. This smartphone sleeper candidate is lauded for its opportunities for personalization, sophisticated hardware, and comfortable price points. If you’ve been thinking of joining the
Outside team building exercises seem to generate the same handful of responses. There’s the enthusiastic response generated from employees ready to get to know their co-workers better and have some fun out of the office. There’s the reaction of trepidation from co-workers who just aren’t sure the effort will be worth the time, sweat, and
When you are trying to understand where rate quotes come from, there are many answers to what seems like a simple question. Recently featured in Mortgage News Daily, Ted Rood has one of the best explanations of this we’ve ever read! Why was Jerry’s Rate so Much Lower? A primer to the misunderstood factors that
As a mortgage lender, you have to talk to a lot of people to close a lot of loans. And to keep the momentum going, you need plenty of referral sources and loans in process. This sort of thing is a certainly a challenge. But here’s the upside—it’s the perfect catalyst for digital marketing. How’s
If you’ve got performance evaluations coming up next week work, you should probably refrain from taking off an hour early or spending most of the workday twiddling away on your cell phone. Or, if you’ve just started training for a marathon, you probably should hold off on donuts and chocolate sundaes for a bit. Similarly,
Many times, people on the lower end of the income spectrum feel trapped in a cycle of renting a place to live that doesn’t suit them or their families. We are proud to partner with the Northshore Housing Initiative to give working families another option! Many people have questions about this program, and how it
Donald was referred to us by his banker after they denied him due to his financial history. Hey let’s face it, we all go through hard times. What’s history is history! This time was not going to be another hard time, but a blessed one. Donald’s banker suggested that he go to Summit Funding to
We take pride in using every avenue we have available to get our clients into the home of their dreams. Sometimes our clients have been turned away by other lenders before coming to us, and we always work our hardest to get them approved! Mr. Harry was brought to us when he was turned down