The New Mayor of Awesomeville

The New Mayor of Awesomeville

May 22nd, 2013

We really enjoy getting feedback from our clients about how we are doing in the form of testimonials.  This week, we received a special treat from recent client Dan Glaviano which we thought was alot of fun and would be great to share:

Mayor of Awesomeville

Client Testimonial:

I was thrilled about the prospect of moving into a larger home to accommodate my growing family. The Least of My Concerns? Getting Financed- since my Bank said this would be a non-issue. So when the time came, I went to my Bank and to my surprise (shock really), I was told they could not help me. The bigger kick in the stomach was being told, “don’t waste your time filling out an application”. I was Dumbfounded. I had Excellent Credit, a Large Down Payment, No Debt; and only owed about 8k on my current home. The Proverbial Red Flag? I was Self Employed…

After the shock wore off, I called my Real Estate Agent and he suggested I call Stephanie Weeks. I did and no doubt I sounded like a Total Mess- being that I was angry, confused and frustrated. I was ready to call the whole deal off. I could only think that IF MY OWN BANK would not finance me, who will?

Stephanie calmed me down and said not to worry- she was going to work on several options. Truthfully- I was doubtful at first. Through the entire process Stephanie and her staff kept me constantly informed with what they were doing- and what they needed from me. This was comforting because most companies who SAY they will communicate, Fall WAY short. As time went on, Stephanie figured out how to get me financed, and at a Great Rate I might add.

Words are clumsy at best to describe my Gratitude to Stephanie for finding a way to “Do The Impossible”.

A client of mine once told me, when I was explaining to him how I was going to help him- “Don’t Tell Me about The Labor Pains, Just Show Me the Baby!” Stephanie and her staff kept the “Labor Pains” to themselves- and most definitely “Showed Me The Baby!”

That is why- in My Humble Opinion, Stephanie Earned and Deserves the Title…

Mayor of AweSomeville

Mayor of Awesomeville Award


Dan Glaviano
DM Marketing LLC