Have You Been Turned Down for a Loan? Let The Weeks Team Handle It!

Have You Been Turned Down for a Loan? Let The Weeks Team Handle It!

January 28th, 2016

We take pride in using every avenue we have available to get our clients into the home of their dreams. Sometimes our clients have been turned away by other lenders before coming to us, and we always work our hardest to get them approved!

Stephanie Ann Weeks

Mr. Harry was brought to us when he was turned down not only once but twice! He heard that Summit Funding could pull off what may seem like the impossible. We made that ‘impossible’ become very much possible!

Mr. Harry, a police officer serving citizens for more than 20 years, was recently hospitalized. Due to a certain medical condition, he was placed on disability and was no longer able to work. During this rough patch, Mr. Harry also lost a loved one. With this passing, came a blessing and a window of hope for him: a piece of property. Through all of this Mr. Harry still kept his hopes and dreams high.

He desperately tried to sell this piece of land in hopes of being able to purchase his dream home from the assets he would gain. Once he sold the piece of land, Mr. Harry thought he was a few steps closer to that dream. He went to two different banks only to be turned down due to being on disability. What a shame!

Our team took all of the positives and highlighted them. He had assets, sold the piece of land, and most importantly he served the community for years! How could you not want to help this selfless man who gave so much to our community? We pulled off that ‘impossible’ for sure.

Here at Summit Funding, we look at the positives. Not only did the blessings keep pouring out for Mr. Harry, we got him ‘a clear to close’ three weeks ahead of schedule! We were completely honored to help him. We, along with Mr. Harry, are proud to say that he is now a first time home buyer at the still young age of 50 years old!!

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I lead my team with Integrity & Honesty as we change the world 1 loan at a time! We recognize that each loan positively affects so many lives. Happy customers are no longer enough…

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