Think You Can’t Buy A House Because of a Your Financial Past? Give Us A Try!

Think You Can’t Buy A House Because of a Your Financial Past? Give Us A Try!

January 29th, 2016

Donald was referred to us by his banker after they denied him due to his financial history. Hey let’s face it, we all go through hard times. What’s history is history! This time was not going to be another hard time, but a blessed one.

Your New Home: The best kind of cozy

Donald’s banker suggested that he go to Summit Funding to look further in depth to his situation. His banker felt bad that it was a no, but she wanted to help him find a solution so she called Summit with his permission and we said, “Yes, we would love to look at it.” As you can imagine, Donald was a little lost as to where life was taking him, and the fear of history repeating itself.

We asked Donald if we could have an in person meeting. He jumped at the chance, and provided us with all of his documents. We laid everything out, ran through different scenarios and guidelines. When we came up with a plan, we immediately called our underwriting manager to explain the situation.

With everyone on the edge of their seats, the underwriter said we could pull it off! While we still had Donald in the office, we got him to sign his documents to get this loan rocking and rolling!

In the short time of only two weeks we were able to close Donald’s purchase. What a huge relief on him and his family. He was overjoyed with our team ethics and the blessing of his home purchase.

At Summit Funding we stick together as a team to make the dream come true. Because we take that extra time, and provide those extra set of eyes, Donald’s loan was made possible. Below is a heartfelt note from Donald thanking our team for our dedication:

“Everything is well Stephanie thanks for asking. We are getting settled in and everything that goes along with all that. I cannot say enough how much I appreciate you and your team for helping us get through this process. Everyone was very kind and enthusiastic to help us. I cannot think of one aspect that you or your team would need to improve on. Keep up the good work! I will certainly refer anyone looking for a home loan to your office! Thanks again.”