Outside Team Building Activities: Not Just Wasting Time!

Outside Team Building Activities: Not Just Wasting Time!

June 7th, 2016

Outside team building exercises seem to generate the same handful of responses. There’s the enthusiastic response generated from employees ready to get to know their co-workers better and have some fun out of the office.

There’s the reaction of trepidation from co-workers who just aren’t sure the effort will be worth the time, sweat, and sunscreen.

And of course, there’s irritation from people who have seen just one too many ‘team building’ exercise go awry.

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If you’ve been at a less than successful team building event, you can probably sympathize with those who view the exercises with suspicion or disdain.

Somewhere along the way, team building got confused with mindless competition, which only leads to bruised egos and wasted time.

Thankfully, with a focused objective and game plan in hand, you can create outside team building exercises that bring your office together.

Here’s what any company of any size can get from this important part of success.

What Good Outside Team Building Looks Like

It sounds obvious, of course, but the point of team building is to build up, rather than break down your team.

Competition-heavy team building exercises often fail to bring out the best in people and may leave your employees further apart than they were before.

An effective team building exercise should result in:

  • Increased camaraderie among co-workers
  • Higher motivation and productivity
  • A better understanding of each co-worker’s likes, dislikes, and working styles
  • Better moral and refreshed attitudes
  • A feeling that the time invested was worthwhile and beneficial

But how make these things happen? It turns out that what really matters is not so much the activity itself but the goals of the activity.

Each co-worker should strive toward the same common goal. The goal should be achieved through collaboration, and the environment should be encouraging.

Above all, make sure the spirit is one of teamwork and cooperation rather than competition.

Why Good Team Building Matters

Take a look at the average workplace, and you’ll see a team of people who want to work together. After all, in most cases, our jobs are much easier and successful when we have a support system in place.

However, workplaces often disintegrate into environments where individual effort is prioritized over collective efforts.

For a workplace to truly be productive, each team member must pull his or her weight. It begins with collaboration.

In environments where employees don’t know each other well or worse, dislike each other, this sense of camaraderie can be incredibly difficult to achieve.

Good team building is the perfect avenue to bring employees together in a space where cooperation and collaboration are at the center of everything.

Team Building is Your Answer to Getting Things Done

A well-run office is the stuff most employees dream of. Tasks are completed on time, deadlines are met consistently, and a helping hand seems to always be around the corner.

The difference between these offices and the less successful ones boils down to understanding; an understanding of the organization, its mission, and of each other.

Team building is the secret to excellent productivity.

Employees who understand each others’ working style and feel comfortable being a part of each others’ lives in a big way are just more successful. They waste less time on redirection, miscommunication, discussions, and arguments.

Certainly, no one expects every employee to be best friends or even really like each other.

However, when the team understands where each member is coming from, it’s much easier to find success.

Boost Morale While You’re At It

It takes a lot of motivation to get to work each day and put in your very best. Even the most diligent of employees may find themselves giving less than their all when low morale sets in.

Team building can help you turn things around and find motivation again.

After all, a team building exercise is the ideal opportunity for your employees to succeed at something together. For more ideas on how to get the most out of life, be sure to follow our blog!