Is Holding Your Client’s Hand a Good Idea?

Is Holding Your Client’s Hand a Good Idea?

January 18th, 2017

Ed and Helen

Ed and Helen were referred by one of our awesome Realtor partners.

They had purchased their home 25 years ago and were looking to downsize to a smaller home with less maintenance. They came to us extremely nervous about the process and how much has changed over the years.

After all, getting a mortgage isn’t what it was 25 years ago!

We sat down with them at the office, and their initial consultation lasted two hours. We moved around our schedules to make sure Ed & Helen received the attention they needed.

This was one of many times we sat down to make them feel more comfortable. Whether it was stopping by their house, or spending extra time to get to know them personally, our combined team all played a vital role in making our Clients feel safe and understood.

A lot of times, we rush through our days and are constantly going 100 miles an hour.

In the process of making our clients feel better, we too, learned a priceless lesson. Sometimes, all it takes, is a little extra care.

There is always enough time!

End Result:

The clients were able to move into a beautiful home in Mandeville, and we helped our Realtor partners make over $6,000 in commission!

It is our main goal to make clients feel comfortable. We help make an incredibly stressful process, easier.

Whether you have a client that needs a little hand holding, or a lot, we’ll take excellent care of them, every time.

Our hope is that the client is so happy with us, they repay you with referrals from all of their friends and family.

Make it a great week! If you have a client who needs to be pre-approved, get in touch with us today!