Letter from the Heart: Pet lovers might understand this dilemma…

Letter from the Heart: Pet lovers might understand this dilemma…

May 23rd, 2017

You’re either a pet lover or you’re not. But if you can’t pass up a dog meme on Facebook, you can appreciate what’s going on in my life these days.

Strange things are happening.

I locked myself out of my own closet, had to drill through the door knob/lock to get in!

I forgot my purse at home and my office- that never happens.

I never forget anything, so it feels like I’m losing my mind.

I’m distracted because my baby dogs are sick. Very sick. I mean my 2 pet dachshunds Cadence Sebastian and Fiona Quinn- YES, Sweet babies with human names and middle names too.

On a good day I feel like I have 3 kids (the dogs plus Madeline), but these days it feels more like 10.

Both dogs have back injuries which are common with dachshunds but still serious. Then, between the 2 of them, we’re dealing with neck injuries, heart murmurs and several other issues.

To get all of these different ailments treated, we’ve had to use 2 different vets and the emergency clinic. So trying to keep up with which vet is treating which dog for what problems has become it’s own project!

The dogs have a ton of pills, they’re on essential oils and are getting more massages than I am. What the heck, right?

Here’s a shot of the current doggie medicine bag:


And for good measure, Cadence decided to eat one of his medical devices which is not at all inexpensive! Notice the broken collar:

Medical Device

And then there’s my teenage daughter Madeline…she’s back and forth to the orthodontist, volleyball practice, volleyball tryouts and her regular school and social schedule – oh the life of a teenager.

Oh and then there was spring break!

The Importance of a Great Team

When things in my personal life get crazy it makes me appreciate the amazing support teams I have in my life.

Our team of vets include Dr. Ashley Geoghegan at Vet Naturally & Dr. Kristen Boston at Covington Veterinary Clinic. Both doctors and their staffs have gone to AMAZING lengths to care for my 2 pets as though they were their own.

They’ve gone so far above and beyond the call of duty I can’t begin to thank them enough.

And at work, I’m grateful for my amazing support team. Keri, Missy and Danielle, I simply couldn’t function without them and can’t thank them enough for their hard work. They are an amazing blessing!

Despite the wheels coming off in my personal life with doggie issues, loans are closing without a hitch and the record number of applications continues to go through the process, due to the girls being amazing.

So if you haven’t done so lately, take a minute and thank the people in your life who make up your support team. Maybe it’s someone you carpool with. Maybe it’s an employee or co-worker. Maybe it’s your husband or wife or your child.

Thank them and let them know how much they mean to you because you never know when you’ll need them most.

Thanks to Matt for holding down the fort, thanks to Madeline for helping with all the doggie duties to Devon for helping run everyone around and to Rita who helps me maintain my sanity and organization at home.