10 things I learned about life as I turn 40

10 things I learned about life as I turn 40

May 28th, 2018

This year I’m celebrating my 40th!

Some of you reading this are thinking… my gosh I’d love to be 40 again. And others are thinking “man, that’s old”!

40 feels great! I don’t feel old. I actually feel… wiser is the term I’d use. And grateful!

Looking back on how I’ve changed as I meet this milestone in my life, here are 10 things I’ve learned about life at 40:

#1 - Be more forgiving - it seems like I ask for forgiveness all the time and when I hold a grudge, the only person it hurts is me!

#2 - Be more flexible - it’s actually fun to just go with the flow (sometimes).

#3 - Judge less - you never know what people are going through or where they are in their lives at that moment.

#4 - Pay attention to small things - you realize later they're the big things!

#5 - Be more guarded with my time - and learn to actually say no especially to people who take advantage of your time.

#6 - Slow down & be present - enjoy the moment you’re in and remember #7!

#7 - We are not promised tomorrow - so make the most of today.

#8 - Everything can change in one moment - I’ve seen this time and time again...

#9 - Never say never - because there’s a good chance it might happen!

#10 - Listen to your intuition - as it’s trying to tell you the right thing to do in any given situation.

I hope my list helps, and I’d love to hear yours! Please drop me a line or comment below to share your best tips on living well!