Realtors: 3 little things are sabotaging your real estate business

Realtors: 3 little things are sabotaging your real estate business

April 19th, 2018

A new client comes in to let you handle their real estate transaction. They don’t have a lender yet.

You do what you’ve been told is the right thing… the ethical thing.

You give them 3 business cards of lenders you have good relationships with. Heck, we might even be one of them.

But that one little move is sabotaging your business and you don’t even realize it.

three things  

You’re 2 cards away from getting what you really want which is for your lender to close the transaction in a high-touch, low-stress manner which makes the customer want to come back to you for years to come, refer their friends and maybe even name a child after you.

Sound about right?

The impact of one little change

If I tell you I’m going to meet you for coffee to talk business 3 times, but I only show up once, how long will it take for you to stop taking my requests seriously?

Not long…

Yet when you hand out 3 cards and encourage your clients to shop around, that’s exactly what’s happening.

So why keep doing it?

Somehow the “3 card” thing became a universal law. But it’s not a real thing. It’s more like the bigfoot legend of the real estate world.

And yes, I know, “steering” is illegal. But steering is when you literally steer someone to a lender without giving them a choice, not what we’re suggesting here.

Let’s say you decided to get rid of 2 cards, what’s stopping you from saying: “This is a lender I personally trust and they do a great job for our clients. May I have them call you?”

A happy new world

Forget about the Weeks Team for a minute.

If you made that one change and encouraged your clients to use someone you really trusted, what sort of changes would you expect to see in how those referrals are treated?

How do you think the customers will feel?

How many children will they name after you?

More than they’re doing now LOL.

Starting to smile yet?

That’s what we’re all about at the Weeks Team. Changing the world, one loan at a time.

If you’re reading this letter than we’d like to have THIS kind of relationship with YOU!

We’re ready if you are!