One hour could change your life forever

December 4th, 2017

Sometimes change is hard. It can take weeks, years. Crying, therapy. Sweat, motivation.

Other times, change is easy. We’re granted the gift of wisdom. We see things differently.

Getting a mortgage loan can go either way.

You can make it hard. Fighting with underwriting the whole way. Stressing over documents, approvals. Wondering about your rates or fees. Feeling exhausted when it’s over.

We believe it doesn’t have to be that way. It can be enjoyable. Relaxed. You can feel confident when it’s over and proud of your loan.

Peace… Mortgage Peace.

Pulling Back the Curtain

Last year I fulfilled one of my dreams and wrote my book called Mortgage Peace.

YES! I literally wrote the book on mortgages.

My goal was to give people a behind the scenes look at the mortgage business. To simplify it. To explain it in a non-boring and real-life way that anyone could understand.

And to do it quickly… like less than an hour quickly.

I could have written a longer book. But I wanted to make change easy.

So I kept it a short read that you could finish cover to cover in less than an hour.

Changing Lives in Less than an Hour

I believe that everyone who reads this book will have their lives changed in the hour it takes to read it.

If it helps a first time homebuyer get a home… that’s life changing.

If it helps someone refinance debt and eliminate financial stress… that’s life changing.

If it helps you save thousands of dollars on rates or closing costs… that’s life changing.

If it eliminates your confusion and makes you feel better about your loan… that’s life changing.

If you learn homeownership is possible when maybe your thought it wasn't… that’s life changing

So as the new year approaches and you start thinking about all the things you want to change and all the resolutions you’re going to make - here’s one challenge.

Spend $0.99 (that’s right, less than a buck) and dedicate 1 hour to reading my book.

Then, share what you’ve learned with a friend.

I guarantee you’ll never look at a mortgage loan the same way again.

And you’ll help me change the world… one loan at a time.