The Super Hero Lender

The Super Hero Lender

September 28th, 2017

Here’s a testimonial directly from one of our recent borrowers. These are her words :)

“Being first-time home buyers, we were very nervous and scared about buying our first home. Finding a home that was just right for us wasn’t our only challenge. We also needed a lender that was perfect for our situation.

When we finally found our dream house, our lender at the time reviewed all of our documentation we provided and said “y’all are good for the rural development loan. No worries!” We placed a contract on the house and inspections/appraisals were set.

After the RD appraisal was done and inspection was complete, we got a dreadful call on a Friday from the lender informing us that he “forgot to include some of our income in the numbers” and we were disqualified from the RD loan.

Feeling completely lost, we informed our real estate agent of the mistake made by the lender and she began a search for a new lender. She spoke with Stephanie Weeks that same day who informed her of a grant which could be perfect for our situation. That evening Stephanie called us and did an interview over the phone and even met with us personally the next morning, which was a Saturday by the way.

Within 24 hours we were back on track with a grant that could provide us with an even better deal than what the other lender could provide.

We closed 2 weeks later!

The grant helped us cover the closing costs, down payment and the 2nd appraisal that was required.

During those short 2 weeks, our emails were answered by The Weeks Team within an hour and we got weekly calls on Tuesdays by Stephanie updating us on the process. This helped ease our minds and remain calm during a very stressful time.”

In conclusion, all lenders are not the same. The Weeks Team had the inside scoop about grants offered for couples like us. They had information that the previous lender was unable to offer us. Without a Super Lender like The Weeks Team we would still be living in our cramped apartment only dreaming of home ownership.