5 Lessons it Took Me 14 Years to Learn

August 21st, 2017

The kids heading back to school for the start of their new year makes me take a moment and look back at my year so far.


I can’t believe it, but this marks my 14th year in the mortgage business… a crazy business with all kinds of ups and downs that I certainly never planned to be in when I was a kid in school.

14 years later, I’m grateful for my experience as I’ve learned some incredibly valuable lessons from this business and the people around me.

Here are 5 huge lessons I’ve learned along the way that I hope will help YOU:

#1 - Be Humble

I’m learning to be a better observer, accept life’s lessons a little quicker, and take what comes with grace.

#2 - Embrace Change

Change is the ONE constant in the real estate business.  Housing trends, interest rates, program guidelines, you name it! Embrace the idea that things will change so that when it does happen you roll with the punches instead of swimming upstream.

#3 - Forgive Yourself

I have made so many mistakes I’ve lost count of them! But instead of beating myself up, I’ve learned to treat those mistakes as learning opportunities.

#4 - Bring the Facts, Not Drama

The real estate business is full of drama, but that doesn’t mean we have to add to it. Dealing with the facts in each situation helps us be more professional and avoid adding even more stress to already touchy situations.

#5 - Do My Best In Each Moment

No matter what the situation and what kind of day or week I’m having, I strive to give others my absolute best in each individual moment. I do and did the best I can with what I know in that moment.

So here's to the next 14 years which will hopefully include a lot fewer mistakes :)

And I want to send a HUGE “Thank You” to everyone who’s been in my life during this time for the lessons you've taught me and the experiences we've shared.

Thank you all for being part of my life!

Til next time…