When You Just Gotta Have It

August 17th, 2017

Sometimes there are things you’d like to have, but can live without.

Other times, you just gotta have something. And you’re willing to move mountains in order to get It!

Know the feeling?

Last month we had a customer who simply HAD to have this one particular home. You see, this wasn’t their first try.

They tried to buy another home a few weeks earlier that they really liked. But their realtor dropped the ball and they lost their contract. More proof that nothing matters unless your transaction actually closes.

Maybe it was the universe intervening, because this new home they wanted was better than the last one anyway. It was their dream home.

And they weren’t going to lose the home they wanted for a 2nd time. They just HAD to have it!

Their first order of business was to fire the previous realtor. Then, they hunted down their high school friend and all around amazing Realtor Lesley Troncoso. Except there was only one issue...Lesley was on vacation in Chicago!

Super Realtor Lesley Troncoso

It’s 2017... we can do things electronically and this customer REALLY wanted the home. So Lesley put on her super-woman cape and got the contract in place with the sellers, all before she went out to dinner.

That’s when the next challenge appeared. The seller had multiple offers on the house. Good offers. So the sellers had to decide which offer they’d accept.

That’s when we enter the story. Lesley suggested the buyers contact us so they could get the ultimate bargaining chip - a commitment to close faster than anyone else. And that’s what we gave them...a 2 and ½ week close.

The sellers loved it. Guaranteed money in their pocket. They accepted our buyers’ offers and the rest is history. Celebrations all around.

We believe in deadlines. Your loan should always close on time.

Those aren’t just mottos around here...they’re beliefs. They drive what we do every day.

If you’ve got an important deal with a tight deadline, give us a call. You’ll be happy you did.