Most Realtors have their favorite 2-3 mortgage lenders. Those 2-3 lenders take care of your clients like they’re VIPs, right? You might think so, but here’s a little something to think about. A recent study found that only 21% of mortgage lenders tried to call the customer within 24 hours of the initial inquiry. That
Nothing is more heartbreaking than getting through the entire loan process only to find that a simple mistake (or 7!) made by none other than yourself, cost you your opportunity to become a homeowner. We see it all the time and we’re here to help because sharing information is caring! You know you need a

Reaching our Goals and Dreams!

Do you have goals and dreams? I’d love to hear what they are! Some people don’t realize that goals & dreams are NOT the same thing. A dream is something that makes you happy… an idea or vision of something you could have, do or achieve. Maybe by yourself or maybe with others. But a
I’ve been fortunate to be a guest on quite a few TV shows & podcasts over the last couple of years since launching my book Mortgage Peace. It seems like no matter what platform I wind up on, there are 3 things that just about everyone’s audience is interested in. The reason? It’s a numbers
The Weeks Team is proud to announce that as of January 2019, our fearless leader – Stephanie Weeks – joined the cadre of Louisiana Real Estate Professionals who have achieved the status of Certified Military Housing Specialist. She is personally committed to changing lives and making things better for Military Servicemembers & their families. Congratulations
We’ve all got ‘em… soft spots. Sometimes a soft spot isn’t a good thing. Like when you take it too easy on your kids, or eat too much ice cream. Other times, soft spots make you feel all warm and fuzzy… Like when I see the look on a veterans face when we get him
One of the many challenges facing our country’s men and women of the uniform is adjusting them to life after they complete their service. While those who never joined the U.S. military are able to work up toward making a down payment on a home over time, veterans were serving during that time. They may
The time has come to throw a little shine on the businesses and services that have truly gone above and beyond to serve our communities. Are you ready to rock the vote for The Northshore’s Best?! Your Vote, Your Voice The Northshore’s Best was born from a love for our community. Locally owned and operated
New Year’s Resolutions feel like a good thing, but they’re not always good for our self esteem. Lose weight. Stop smoking. Eat better. What do they all have in common? There’s an element of beating ourselves up in every one of them. How about we try something different and be nicer to ourselves next year?
This will blow your mind! There are around 14 or so million people, at least in a year that apply for a home mortgage, but only half ever get to a closing. HALF! That’s 7 million people a year who get turned down for a mortgage loan! It frustrates me to no end because I