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Let me tell you a story about mortgage rates. Before I started my career as a home loan officer, I considered myself to be a very smart and educated buyer. When my husband and I were in the process of purchasing our second house in the 1990s, I called at least 10 different lenders. I
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Put your imagination hat on for a second. Imagine that you and your neighbor are both buying a house. The price is identical, and you’re both putting 10 percent down. Your lives and home buying scenario are nearly identical, except for one little difference — your neighbor’s credit score is a 741. Your credit score
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When was the last time you encountered something that seemed too good to be true? Unless you got lucky, I’m going to go out on a limb and assume that it really was too good to be true. This is often the case with advertised mortgage rates.  The most common pitfall I encounter as a
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Whether you’re practicing self-defense or trying to secure a home loan as a first-time homebuyer, you need to be prepared and knowledgeable to protect yourself. Without the right information or preparation, there’s no way to tell if a home loan or a loan officer is the right fit for you.  Mortgages vary. You could call
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Life is full of mistakes — they are bound to happen. But when you can learn from the mistakes of others and avoid them yourself, that’s when you can get ahead and succeed where others have failed. From my nearly 15 years of being a home loan officer, dedicated to partnering with clients to secure
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My husband and I were on one side of the desk, and the builder was on the other. We were buying our first house together. I said, “We need the payment to be $500 a month because we’re paying $400 now and I know we can afford $500. I don’t mean $520 or $550. I
Trying to get pre-approved for a mortgage? Seeking to understand the mortgage pre-approval process? Looking to buy your first home? Whatever your home loan goals are, it will take a team to accomplish them. Think of your home loan process as a puzzle. There are many pieces, and they must all fit together in order
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  A lot of problems arise because a consumer doesn’t understand what’s happening behind the scenes of getting a mortgage. My mission is to change that!  Understanding that process, the timelines, and the guidelines more accurately can help you with a smooth and on-time closing. Since less than 50% of mortgage applications get to closing,
Most Realtors have their favorite 2-3 mortgage lenders. Those 2-3 lenders take care of your clients like they’re VIPs, right? You might think so, but here’s a little something to think about. A recent study found that only 21% of mortgage lenders tried to call the customer within 24 hours of the initial inquiry. That
Nothing is more heartbreaking than getting through the entire loan process only to find that a simple mistake (or 7!) made by none other than yourself, cost you your opportunity to become a homeowner. We see it all the time and we’re here to help because sharing information is caring! You know you need a